MBA for Professionals in Education

The Master of Business Administration is one of the most sought-after degrees across every industry. It’s flexibility and cross-disciplinary courses in business allows graduates to learn and build knowledge on leadership, organizational structures, accounting, finance, strategy, and everything in between.

The MBA for Professionals in Education is an innovative and unique degree program designed for current and future leaders to make impactful and transformational change in education.

Whether you currently work or are aspiring to work in public, private, or nonprofit educational organizations, one of the goals of the MBA for Professionals in Education program is to bring together a cohort like-minded individuals hoping to make a difference in our New Mexico community.


Old-School is the New-School Exprience. Immerse Yourself.

Some of the values we truly believe are learning, knowledge, and ideas are shared through the on-campus and online classroom experience.

Here’s why…

Not only do you have playful and deep dialogue and conversations within the classroom with like-minded colleagues, it’s the additional time you physically spend with them. 

  • It’s walking into and out of class.
  • It’s the conversations during the breaks.
  • It’s the quick walks to the Student Union Building for a meal.
  • It’s the value of being around smart, energetic colleagues who you can banter with and share ideas.

We know that great conversations are shaped into great ideas. That’s why we believe that learning is best done with a cohort of like-minded individuals wanting to create a meaningful change in our educational system.

On-Campus, in-class experience like no other.

We understand that many of us live very busy lives. Between family, work, and fun, who has time to go back to a traditional program?

We’ve taken that into consideration and created a program that is structured for the busy professional.

The Schedule

  • Classes meet in one of two buildings directly across the Yale Garage where you will be able to park. We made sure you’ll be in class within 5 minutes of where you park.
  • During the fall and spring semesters, classes meet every other Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (twice a month). We eliminated the weekly and random class schedule. 
  • During the Summer semester, you meet twice a week for weekly sessions. Since there’s lots of fun entertainment and festivals on the weekends during the summer, we made sure you had time to have fun and set aside time for classes.

The Extras that are ESSENTIALS

  • We believe that no one should be left behind. We set you up in small teams within your cohort to be your support system throughout the program.
  • We register you for classes.
  • We purchase your books and have them ready for pickup at the end of every semester
  • We have an in-house financial aid representative. You no longer need to run around UNM. Everything is done in our office.
  • We got you covered with covered parking in Yale Garage (not included in tuition).
  • We offer tutors within the Anderson School of Management and UNM, for various subjects including statistics, accounting, and writing assignments.
  • We offer career development workshops to help you take your career to the next level.
  • After graduating, you will meet the requirements for Educational Administration Licensure and School Business Official Licensure in New Mexico.

Best of all, we provide coffee, tea, water, and snacks in our Executive Lounge exclusively for our students.

If you're still wondering . . . why an MBA for Professionals in Education?

  • MBAED students are innovative, transformative, and are applying the most relevant business and organizational concepts to education. This interdisciplinary degree is one of three in the country with less than 60 UNM MBAED alumni. You can be part of the first hundred alumni.
  • You will be part of a cohort of driven and supportive professionals. You will network and meet life-long colleagues. At ASM, we’re all about networking and building life-long professional relationships. We know it’s vital in your success as a professional!
  • You will learn from world-renowned business professors. The faculty are some of the best and brightest in their field. Their expertise in business and organizations is transferred to the application in education. Be part of a new trend of leaders applying interdisciplinary practices to make impactful and positive changes across the education field.
  • We accommodate a professional educator’s work schedule and lifestyle. You have the whole month of May off and a four week break between fall and spring semester.
  • During the two-year program, you will develop a deeper understanding of organizations, collaborate with colleagues, and grow as a professional to achieve positive transformation in schools, universities, and nonprofit education organizations.

Be part of the next cohort of transformational leaders aiming to make change in New Mexico’s education system.

Apply for the MBAED Cohort 2023 TODAY


NOW Accepting Applications for the Class of 2023

Early Bird Date:
January 22, 2021

Best Consideration Date:
April 2, 2021

Program Start:
June 4, 2021


View the criteria to apply for admission to the MBA for Professionals in Education program.