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Nomination Process

For Nominators

Think of the people you've mentored and nurtured and ask yourself these questions

  • Do they have the potential to become a leader in their own right?
  • Do they have the ability to enact positive, sustainable change?

If so, consider nominating them for an MBA in Education Leadership. Our state needs leaders who will achieve sustainable goals, support our students, and plan for the future. We believe those leaders are already here.

As a nominator, it will be your responsibility to provide a supportive environment in which your nominee can test theories and ideas. Nominators also need to provide access to data that students will need for their semester and practicum projects.  If you believe in a local educator and you are able to support them, please consider nominating them for the program.

Our students, our schools, and our communities will all reap the benefits.

For Students

In order to begin an application, you must first be nominated an education leader. Self-nominations are not permitted.

  1. Your specified nominator must fill out and submit a nomination form
    • Nominators can use these guidelines to assist with the nomination process
  2. Once a student record has been created, you will receive an automated email, which informs you of your nomination
  3. In the letter, you will be provided with instructions and link to apply

Confused about the nomination process? Trouble finding a nominator?

Call (505) 277-2525. We'll be happy to help you.