Internship Hour Log

Part of the practicum requirement for your administrative license is to clock 180 hours of practical experience to support your leadership knowledge and capabilities. This 180 hour requirement is embedded within the program and we ask you keep track of the hours spent on projects in your various classes as well as the larger practicum project during the second year of the program. It is highly recommended to keep a log of your choosing with details of hours spent and on what.

At the end of each semester, you will log your total hours spent on projects. Your hours will be stored in a secure database until the end of the program. You can begin logging your hours below.

For 2020 Cohort

Log Hours - Fall 2019 (2020 Cohort)

Additionally, if you take on leadership roles in your school/district that are outside of your current job description, you can add those hours there.  Below are examples of things that do and do not count toward these 180 hours.

Examples of activities that do not count:

  • Attending classes
  • Reading assignments for class
  • Attending Professional Development trainings

Examples of activities that do count:

  • Practicum Project research
  • Shadowing an administrator
  • Providing Professional Development Training for your school/district (unless this is a part of your job duties)
  • Additional Leadership roles (outside of current job description)