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About the Partnership

UNM is partnering with the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation on a unique and innovative master’s degree: an MBA in Education Leadership. This interdisciplinary program combined the resources of the School of Business and the College of Education to equip students with best practices in management and education.

The program was designed with an interdisciplinary basis that enables Fellows to engage with and learn from a variety of educational leaders, including:

  • Faculty from the College of Education
  • Faculty from the School of Business
  • Local educational leaders with administrative experience
  • Business leaders with management experience

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

Woodrow Wilson Foundation LogoThe Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership recruits and prepares outstanding leaders for schools and districts in participating
states. The goal: to address the United States’ twin educational achievement gaps - the one between the nation’s lowest performing and its best schools, as well as the one between the nation’s best schools and their top international competitors. The Fellowship seeks both to prepare leaders who can bring all American schools up to world-class levels of performance and to develop a new gold standard for preparing education leaders.

UNM Anderson School of Management

The Anderson School of Management is dedicated to developing and informing business and management leaders through a balance of teaching and scholarship.  As a business school, Anderson also strives to contribute to state, national, and global economic development by:

  • Providing quality education
  • Advancing business and leadership knowledge
  • Contributing to economic and professional development
  • Preparing graduates for prestigious careers
  • Strengthening stakeholder relationships
  • Fostering a vibrant intellectual atmosphere

UNM College of Education

UNM College of Education

The College of Education does much more than educate teachers, counselors, and researchers. We inspire each student to lead, to celebrate diversity, and to make a lasting difference in the world. As New Mexico’s flagship college of education, we deliver high-quality instruction, diverse course offerings, active research programs, and challenging professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Our stellar and highly diverse faculty leads dynamic classes, while conducting innovative research on today’s educational challenges.  The College excels in multicultural education, which is critical to our nation’s growing cultural diversity.